Al-Khazneh الخزنة‎ - Petra, Jordan - Photo by: unknown





Executive Coaching

You are a leader. You have a dream. If you sense that the ways and beliefs that served you well in the past are now somehow getting in your way, but indeed are quite hard to let go. If your gut tells you that ahead there will be a breakthrough, but in the fog you’re unsure of your steps. Then you’ll enjoy working with an executive coach. I did. It was, for me, time well spent.


I did not choose to become an executive coach. The work of executive coaching chose me. And when leaders told me of the value they had reaped out of our mindful conversations, I realized a new career path had opened before me. High returns are around the corner.


Invest in yourself. Will you dare?

Leadership Strategy

The first day we visited the Nabatean Archeological site of Petra, we declined to hire a professional guide. This allowed us to meet and connect with Bedouins in a direct, warm and authentic way that we could not have dreamt of otherwise.


The second day we visited the Nabatean Archeological site of Petra, we reluctantly retained the services of a professional guide who, for decades, had been scouting out. With him we walked a few routes less travelled. Many hidden wonders and breathtaking vistas would have remained for us an eternal secret, had we stayed on our own.


If you are embarking, for yourself or for your organization, on a journey of deep transformation, you too may choose to retain the services of a guide. Free you’ll remain to do your own scouting. At times, however, the guide may well nudge you toward a few unbeaten paths.


I am no know-it-all, but there’s one thing I know: the potential for an organization to transform is a direct function of its leaders’ capacity to grow. Also, to navigate our uncertain and polarized tomorrow, the ways to lead today are emerging and new.


It is time to explore.

Will you give it a go?

Communication Strategy

One too many tricks? Wait, not so fast; for the ability to well communicate is a strategic skill in the leader’s toolkit. Also, on a deeper level, to lead transformations is to revise the script. More, it is to chisel or – better – let unfold entirely new narratives.

To turn your communications into a strategic endeavor, a few of us got together. We are leadership strategists, creative communicators, business advisors, designers, artists, entrepreneurs. Be it for your branding, your multichannel engagement campaign or your investors deck, for you we will curate a dream team.


Julien came up with a name. We call ourselves Miroirs. Then Joe reminded us that Miroirs was also a five-movement suite for solo piano written by French composer Maurice Ravel. 


Is your new narrative a story worth sharing?

Let's talk about it... 

You'll like what we see!


What will I write about or for you? In English or in French, an article, a blog post, spoken words, a poem, a long read like The Speed of Joy, a book like The Book of SO WHAT?


To clearly communicate to potential investors the disruptive nature of a technology leader's offering in the $ 48 billion market for computer vision, I invented a new terminology:


Deep Seeing [dēp-sēiNG]: Deep Seeing enables smart devices with augmented vision. By capturing high quality visual and contextual data in new ways, it unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence. Like superhuman eyes for your smart device.


When it was asked of me to write a long bio, I made it quite witty: “Downtown Montreal, in a Speedo Bathing Suit.” Soon it will be online. In red. Upper right. Maybe you will subscribe? 

Public Speaking (you or me)

Whose public talk? Yours or mine? If yours and if the stakes are high, maybe you are sensing that you may benefit from the support of a professional coach. Give me a shout! As a wordsmith and a storyteller, I’ll help you with the arc, key messages and some memorable lines. As a singer and a lover of music, I’ll help you with your voice. As a martial artist, I’ll help you with posture and your body language. Also, know that there was a time in my life when I would freeze with stage fright. There is a way.


If you’d like to engage your team or your audience on the fascinating and important topic of organizational and personal transformations, book me for a keynote, a zoom or an offsite workshop. We’ll adapt the content to your current situation, but odds are that the title will be:


“Inspiring Leaders START WITH WHY; For What’s Next We Ask: SO WHAT?”

Special Projects

What's your special project? For a smile, a share or a fee, as a lead or as a trooper, I shall onboard special projects if I can feel the call, if we do see the fit. We are now lobbying to promote the practice of soil regeneration in Jordan. I am currently looking into supporting the work of the School of Kasala in Rimousky (EKAR – École du Kasala à Rimouski), an initiative to inspire and empower kids in schools in the Province of Quebec with the joyful practice of African poetry. And to bring peace and healing to the kid deep within each and every one of us, I am executive producing the work of a gifted Francophone troubadour to share into the world his words, his enchanting stories, his music, his songs and his transformative magic.


Maybe there is a fit?


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