Al-Khazneh الخزنة‎ - Petra, Jordan - Photo by: unknown




Executive & Leadership Coaching

You are a senior or an emerging leader. You sense that "the way we are working is not working" (a good read by Tony Schwartz). Like a Renaissance explorer sailing around Cape Horn in a storm, you navigate VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) each day. To perform with purpose and integrity, your organization must transform. Transformation, first, starts with you. You'll enjoy working with an executive coach. I did. It was, for me, time well spent.

It's your journey in the unknown.

The steps are yours to take.

Will you dare?


To lead transformations is to revise the script. More, it is to chisel or – better – let unfold entirely new narratives. Storytelling is a strategic skill in your leadership toolkit. 

Great minds don't think alike. To turn your communications into strategic endeavors, a few of us got together. We are leadership strategists, creative communicators, business advisors, designers, artists, entrepreneurs. Be it for your branding, your multichannel engagement campaign, or your investors' deck, for you, we curate a dream team.


Julien came up with a name. Because we like to reflect on and with you, we call ourselves Miroirs. Later, Joe reminded us that Miroirs was also a five-movement suite for piano by French composer Maurice Ravel. Not just a name. Also a melody. We work in harmony. 

Is your new narrative worth sharing?

Let us reflect on your story.

You will like what we see!

Public Speaking (you or me?)

Whose talk? Yours? Mine? If yours and if the stakes are high, give me a shout! As a wordsmith and a storyteller, I'll help you with the arc, key messages, and some memorable lines. As a singer and a lover of music, I'll help you with your voice. As a martial artist, I'll help you with posture and body language. Here is the tale (a long read) of how I helped with Ted's Talks. 

To embark with your team or your audience on journeys of organizational and personal transformations, book me for a keynote, a zoom, or an offsite workshop. We'll tailor the content to your reality, but the title may very well be:


Inspiring leaders START WITH WHY.

For what's next we ask:


Notes on Petra

The first day we visited the Nabatean Archeological site of Petra, we declined to hire a professional guide. We met and connected with Bedouins in a direct, warm, and authentic way that we could not have dreamt of otherwise.
The second day we visited the Nabatean Archeological site of Petra, we retained the services of a professional guide who, for decades, had been scouting out. With him, we walked a few routes less travelled. Many hidden wonders and breathtaking vistas would have remained an eternal secret had we stayed on our own.
If you or your organization are embarking on a journey of profound transformation, you too may choose to retain the services of a guide. You'll remain free to do your scouting. At times, however, the professional guide may well nudge you toward a few unbeaten paths.
Your organization's potential to transform is a direct function of your capacity to grow as a leader. To navigate our uncertain and polarized tomorrow, the ways to lead today are emerging and new.
It is time to explore.
Will you give it a go?

Let's meet on zoom!