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The Heartist's Way

Coaching takes courage. Yours to look straight at your starlight and illuminate your blind spots. Mine to hold a safe space, get out of the way, and speak truth to power.


The word courage comes from the Middle English corage, the Old French corage, the Vulgar Latin coraticum, and cor, the Latin word for heart


How much attention are you paying to your heart's calling? How carefully are you listening to your bright inner self? The heartist's way is the way less traveled.


Entering a coaching relationship takes courage. Courage to know what you want or admit that you don't, be challenged, unlearn and learn anew. Choose your coach from your gut, your heart. If it's a go, say yes the heartist's way.


My clients are ambitious, motivated, committed, energetic, fun, and courageous. They want to make a big impact and see their wildest dreams come true. Does this sound like you? If it's a go, I will say yes the heartist's way.


It would be too easy to pitch you the benefits of coaching. Chat GPT can do it, so I won't. Instead, I will give you a taste of what fierce coaching feels like. Not a sampler taste. A real taste. If you are committed enough to yourself to block two hours in your calendar next week, I'll coach you. And then, we'll both know if we are meant to work together—no strings attached. 

The Jedi's Mind



As per CEO coach Shirzad Chamine, "your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness. All your negative emotions, including stress, are the result of self-sabotage. Mental fitness training strengthens the part of your brain that serves you, quiets the part that sabotages you, and allows you to handle life's challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress. The benefits are immediate and sustained improvements in both wellbeing and performance." 

Everybody knows to go to the gym to get ripped. But how about developing the habit of training our minds?


I invite every coaching client to begin their coaching journey with a six-week mind fitness boot camp, with app-based daily practices reinforcing new mind fitness habits. The program is also available for teams. We can achieve our full potential only from a place of clarity, focus, ease, and flow. 

Don't Start With Why



Whose talk, yours or mine?


You may question my sanity, but for a keynote address, a strategic retreat, a shareholder gathering, or a board meeting, I'll start my talk with a catchy opening:

Don't Start With Why!

Noticing purpose bloating, purpose washing, and purpose myopia, I questioned Simon Sinek's claim that "purpose" was the silver bullet. After all, his famous TED conference is not so much a talk on leadership as it is a masterclass on salesmanship:


"People don't buy what you do;

people buy why you do it."

- Simon Sinek


I have trained, advised, and coached hundreds of sales executives and salespeople, so you may trust me on this:


You can't always trust a sales pitch!

Over the last ten years, I have researched and come up with refreshing and challenging perspectives on leading purposeful transformations.


Now, this changes everything:


Inspiring leaders start with why;

For what's next, we ask: SO WHAT?

And now, what about your talk?


To lead transformations is to revise the script. Storytelling is a strategic skill in your leadership toolkit. When the stakes are high for a keynote address, an investor presentation, or a strategic pitch, all eyes turn to you. With a blend of executive coaching, training, and consulting, I get you to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence as a strategic, effective communicator. The stage is yours. Own it!


Here is the tale of how entrepreneur, artist, and world-record-holding adventurer Theodore Fairhurst took his talks to a higher level.

Inspire Forward




Blind in the darks of the maze

And burning in the flesh

Of open wounds


If you can exercise 

Your free will

And call the White Dragons

For them to help 

Throw your fears in the flames 

And intervene

For your healing


If you can

Here, now

Forgive and love 

And free yourself 

And heal 

The broken child within


If you can 

Far and wide


Your majestuous wings

The right

Devoted to the Light

The left 

Devoted to the Rose

And balance both

In harmony

And take off

Fly high into the winds

Above the walls


If you can

Give yourself

The gift of forgiving

And of empowering

All sisters 

And brothers

For in loving them

It is you 

You're loving 



And inspire within


If you can 

Do nothing

Stay still


And inspire within

And let light 

And let grace



And radiate within

And through 




Open eyes 

open heart

You keep amazed

And resonate 

With the beats of beauty

Here, around, within

And the bits of magic

Of Divine creations 


If you learn gratitude

Every day say thank you


Bend space

Bend time

And see that all that's right

Is left

And all that's left

Is right


If you can let it flow

You forgave

You can give

It's time to let abound

Do it



And if you can become

Anew as once you were

Polish your divine gifts

Shine, thrive

Enlighten your powers

And honor Creator



My Child

You will have accomplished

Your first 

Of many miracles



New and welcomed to the flock

Bright, powerful White Dragon

In turn, you'll teach

In turn, you'll heal



Inspire Forward.

The Heartist's Way
The Jedi's Mind
Don't Start With Why
Inspire Forward
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