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Dominique Bel

Whether it's about your leadership or your communications, my work and joy as an executive coach and a strategist are to help you and your organization transform and thrive. As COO of an engineering firm in Europe first, then as CEO of the Canadian arm of a global management consulting group, I enjoyed a few rounds of applauds but also a few epic failures. And as we learn in books, from others, and by doing, an important lesson is that there is no end to the learning; there is no end to becoming, for the better.

It helped a great deal when someone held, in a compassionate manner, before my eyes, a mirror.


When I am not engaged in a mindful conversation with you, the odds are that I am either hiking in the desert, meditating at dawn, singing and playing the guitar, reading, or writing, which I love.


Some of the incredible people I have met along the way changed my life. I am grateful. We became friends and collaborators. Together, we realized that we were holding in our hands a colorful bouquet of inspiring stories of reinventions worth sharing—the Book of So WHAT is in the making. You’ll like what we see!

And how about you?

Who are you?


with a smile.

A robust approach to flag blindspots &

open new ways forward.   

/ Daniel Scuzzrello - VP South America, Siemens 

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