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I was a know-it-all,
I became a learner.
From wanting to be right,

I became a seeker.

Here is the "Official" Bio...
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Here is the "Official" Bio...

Dominique Bel runs an executive and leadership coaching practice out of Amman, Montreal, Paris, and Zoom.


A long-time student of peak performance and self-mastery, Dominique helps leaders and high achievers with a purpose reach new levels of impact with ease and flow. His clients have included serial entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, HIPOs, PhDs and researchers, fast-breaking artists, and world-record-holding athletes.

Dominique's leadership experience is rooted in praxis, first as COO of an Engineering firm in Europe and later as CEO of the Canadian arm of Mercuri International, an international management consulting and sales performance advisory group. A sought-after learning and development expert and business-savvy strategic communicator, he has led transformation initiatives across global organizations. He writes and speaks about conscious leadership, purpose, corporate culture, storytelling, and net-positive organizations.

Dominique is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He holds an MBA from HEC Montreal and is a graduate of EDHEC Business School.

He is a bilingual citizen of France and Canada and has lived and worked on three continents.

Here is the "Real" Bio...

Here is the "Real" Bio...

Hi! I am Dominique. I am a high achiever who paid a high price for ignoring his blind spots. I've been fired. I've been through bankruptcy. I've been estranged from my children. Burnout led me to the ER. I've felt lost and lonely.

I coach clients who inspire me, have the ambition to make their dent in the universe, and dare to challenge themselves. Some go through life-changing experiences. They work with me to explore new paths through unchartered territories. I speak truth to power.

There was a time when I would drive in the fast lane. But then, eventually, after a few crashes and the nudges of good friends, I took some unexpected turns and embarked on a journey of my own. A journey from the head to the heart. A voyage from reactivity to creativity. I was a know-it-all, and I became a learner. And from wanting to be right, I became a seeker. Once my worst enemy, I became my best friend. Like you, I work to grow each day as a courageous, conscious leader.

It helped immensely when someone held a mirror before my eyes in a compassionate manner. My joy is now to turn the mirror onto you and see you raise your game, embrace your true purpose, and honor your values.


When I am not engaged in a mindful conversation with a leader like you, the odds are that I am either hiking in the desert, meditating at dawn, playing the guitar, or mentoring the youth, which I love.


To drop the mask and show up as my authentic self, one evening, as I was journaling, I burned the midnight oil and kept writing: The speed of your joy - on how to reach peak performance with ease and flow; Downtown in my Speedo bathing suit - self-deprecating humor is good medicine; The sound of your voice - the tale of a long journey toward empathy and vulnerability.

I am grateful for the winks, the whispers, and the kind words of encouragement of my guides and mentors. 

And special thanks to you, dear Ted.

With you, we Dare To Reach.

Here is the "Golden Reflector" Bio...

Here is the "Golden Reflector" Bio...

Once a successful lawyer, Spade became a well-known DJ in the Montreal electronic music scene. His face was filled with tattoos; his eyes were bright as the stars. We were neighbors, shared drinks, philosophized at sunset, and took long walks along the Lachine Canal. We miss you, dear Spade.

Spade: "Dom, you are a golden reflector."
Me: "Hum… A golden what?"
Spade: "Yep. You are a golden reflector. We tell you our stories in bronze or silver. And when you tell the stories back to us, it's gold."
Me: "…"
Spade's compliment took a few years to seep in. But then, eventually, I stopped looking the other way, welcomed my sacred gifts, and embraced my superpowers.


And how about you? 

What's your story?

What new chapter are you penning for yourself?

Curious about what's next?

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Thank you, Dominique,

for helping others 

open up paths forward.

Your work is precious.

/ Emmanuel Faber - CEO, changemaker, rock climber 

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