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Inspire Forward

If Nouveau #0


Blind in the darks of the maze

And burning in the flesh

Of open wounds

If you can exercise

Your free will

And call the White Dragons

For them to help

Throw your fears in the flames

And intervene

For your healing

If you can

Here, now

Forgive and love

And free yourself

And heal

The broken child within

If you can

Far and wide


Your majestuous wings

The right

Devoted to the Light

The left

Devoted to the Rose

And balance both

In harmony

And take off

Fly high into the winds

Above the walls

If you can

Give yourself

The gift of forgiving

And of empowering

All sisters

And brothers

For in the loving them

It is you

You’re loving


And inspire within

If you can

Do nothing

Stay still


And inspire within

And let light

And let grace



And radiate within

And through



Open eyes

open heart

You keep amazed

And resonate

With the beats of beauty

Here, around, within

And the bits of magic

Of Divine creations

If you learn gratitude

Every day say thank you


Bend space

Bend time

And see that all that's right

Is left

And all that's left

Is right

If you can let it flow

You forgave

You can give

It’s time to let abound

Do it


And if you can become

Anew as once you were

Polish your divine gifts

Shine, thrive

Enlighten your powers

And honor Creator


My Child

You will have accomplished

Your first

Of many miracles


New and welcomed to the flock

Bright, mighty White Dragon

In turn, you’ll teach

In turn, you’ll heal


Inspire Forward.

Written in Amman. April 1st, 2020

#asksowhat |​ © Dominique Bel, 2020. All Rights Reserved in all Countries.



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